"A single act of courage is often the tipping point for extraordinary change." - Andy Stanley


Your life is hectic.  Maybe even scary at times.  Every day you wake up with challenges to face and tasks to accomplish.  You need energy.  You need strength.  You need courage.  A cup of coffee shared with someone special can give you that recharge to tackle another day.  Courageous Coffee selects the best beans from around the world and roasts them in small batches to ensure you get a high quality coffee.  We want to be sure that the part of your morning that we are responsible for is perfect.  Share it with a friend, then attack the day.

Be bold.  Be strong.  Be courageous.


There's a Courageous Coffee flavor for everyone!

Check out what our customers are saying!

What a delicious coffee you roast. We purchased the Kenya roast at The Little Flower Market in Westphalia. Thomas and I both think this is right up there with the best coffees we have had. I can promise you I will be telling anyone who will listen just how great this coffee is. Thank you. - John D.
My brother was recently visiting from Texas and I sent a package of Breakfast Blend home with them. They are kind of coffee snobs and they loved it!!  - Sandy P.
Just finished my 3rd cup...1st last night, 2nd this morning, 3rd after dinner tonight. Your coffee is delicious. I have ordered coffee from some of the best. Yours is clearly at the top of the list! - Bernie C.
Had my first cup today. So smooth did not need creamer just a bit of sweetner. The Yummiest coffee!!! - Katie E.
So I brought all my yummy coffee home that I bought today at the Portland Block Party, and my husband said (super excited) "You bought courageous coffee!?!? That's my favorite, I get it every morning!" - Karen M.
I received your Breakfast Blend coffee yesterday and made my first pot this morning. So smooth, mild and delicious with a nice lingering aftertaste! Congratulations on creating this special blend and thanks also for the finer grind. Super fast delivery! My husband and I BOTH enjoyed it! - Barbara C.
"Coffee allows you to pause for a moment and appreciate life. It's amazing how one little cup can have such an impact!"
- Tanya Schneider, Roast Master